One of their favorite themes is that Martin Harris did not see the actual "plates," but somehow saw them in "vision with his "spiritual eyes," as if the spirit had nothing to do with the whole witnessing process or the appearance of an angelic being, and as if Martin Harris had more than one opportunity to view the plates, which he didn't. They list a number of carefully crafted statements in the same pattern. For example:

           I was well acquainted with Martin Harris, who was often at my house for days at a time. I have questioned him much about the plates from which the "Book of Mormon" purports to have been translated. He never claimed to have seen them with his natural eyes, only spiritual vision. (A statement by Reuben P. Harmon, Naked Truths About Mormonism, vol. 1, no. 2, April 1888, p. 1)


          Martin Harris stated in an interview with Anthony Metcalf and James Bowman about 1873 (two years before Harris' death)--"I never saw the golden plates, only in a visionary or entranced state" (Ten Years Before the Mast . . . by A. Metcalf, 1888, p. 70).