Features of Interest




By Alan C. Miner




Step by Step Through the Book of Mormon is a compilation of research information pertaining to the cultural aspects of a real people who lived in real places and who experienced real events in ancient America as recorded in the Book of Mormon.


The scientific research covers such areas as geography, archaeology, linguistics, ancient history, geology, customs, traditions and many other cultural aspects.


 Priceless gems of knowledge have been extracted and summarized from hundreds of research articles by scholars of Book of Mormon culture..


The historicity of the Book of Mormon and its relationship to ancient America is truly authenticated by hundreds of corresponding relationships between the Book of Mormon and Ancient America.


Along side the Commentary is the full text of the Book of Mormon. Current digital technology enables any cultural word, phrase or verse in the Book of Mormon to link immediately to corresponding commentary and visa versa..


The proposed chronologies of events in each volume reflect the most current research available.


There are:

Approx.2752 pages in the Cultural Commentary.

Approx.740 pages in the Covenant Story commentary.

Approx.1092 Bibliographic citations.

Approx162 authors cited in Volume 1.

Approx.301 authors cited in all.

Approx 450 illustrations with captions that will popup when clicked and minimize when clicked again.


Indexes are linked to their content.

Title Page: A Cultural Collection of Cultural Commentary

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           Periodically, this veritable encyclopedia of Book of Mormon culture can be      edited, added to, deleted from, to insure the latest authenticated research available



Search capabilities

Words, phrases and verses with cultural connotation in the Book of Mormon are color coded to denote a link to corresponding commentary. Likewise color coded words in the commentary link back to the Book of Mormon.

There is a search list for words starting with a, b, c etc

There is a search list for words

There is a search list for key names, places, descriptive verbs and nouns.


Chapter headings

     Each chapter of the Book of Mormon has cultural descriptions of the contents.



     Covenant related verses in the Book of Mormon are color coded and linked to commentary in a separate section entitled

     A Geographical, Cultural and Historical Approach to a Covenant Record


Note pad

     Note pad enables you to record any notes into a digital format that can be copied and pasted to another file.


Special features

Do not overlook the valuable information in the items at the end of each volume: Appendix, Chronology, Bibliography, Author Index, Subject Index, and Additional Commentary. For example; An entire section at the end of Volume 6 entitled A Chronology of Thought on Book of Mormon Geography cites statements by Church authorities and scholars along with illustrated models of Book of Mormon geography; and traces the change of thought from Joseph Smith's identification of Mesoamerica to a hemispheric theory and back to a limited geographic theory. The pros and cons of the one Cumorah theory or the two Cumorahs theory are cited. A greatly expanded version of this paper will be soon forthcoming. Many others very enlightening articles are in the appendix of other volumes.