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Mulekite: 1981—Present


Alan C. Miner

November 26, 2004



A Detailed Chronology of LDS Thought on the Geography of

the Mulekite Journey to the New World


1981 -------------> Present



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     Significant Books, "Articles," & Events

     [Significant Theoretical or Illustrated Models, or Illustrations Related to Book of Mormon Geography]




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Note 1: The mark ^ after the year is purely a research tool indicating that a copy of the article or book is on file in the author's personal library.


Note 2: The year (listed on the left) for the event or quote is not always the same as the date of the primary source (listed on the right) from which the information was taken. If the source information (the later publication of the information) was significant, in and of itself, to the later time period in which it came forth, there will also be a separate listing for that later year. When appropriate, additional sources will be listed.




1987      Garth A. Wilson            "The Mulekites," in the Ensign 17, March 1987, pp. 60-64.


     Traves the history of the Mulekites peole, fromt he eavents leading up to the destruction of Jerusalem and the flight of one of King Zediekiah's sons, with a group of his people, to their discovery gby King Mosiah and union with the Nephites. Reconnts their involvement int her ecord of hte Book of Mormon and reminds us that they made up the lmajor protion of the Nephite people. [S.P.S.]





1990      John L. Sorenson            "The Mulekites," in BYU Studies 30, Summer 1990, pp. 6-22.

                              Reprinted Provo, Ut: FARMS, 1990.





1992      H. Curtis Wright            "Mulek," in Encyclopedia of Mormonism, edited by Daniel H. Ludlow,

                              (5 vols. New York: Macmillan, 1992, 2:969-70.