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The Book of Mormon

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Chapter 1 Beginning of the record of Nephi, which dates from B C 600 - Lehi has a vision of the pillar of fire and the book of prophecy - He predicts the impending fate of Jerusalem, and foretells the coming of the Messiah - The Jews seek his life
Chapter 2 Lehi departs with his family into the wilderness bordering on the Red Sea - Lehi's elder sons, Laman and Lemuel, murmur - His younger sons, Nephi and Sam, believe his words - The Lord's promises to Nephi
Chapter 3 By command of the Lord, Lehi's sons are sent back to Jerusalem to obtain certain plates of brass - Laban refuses to deliver the plates and seeks to kill Nephi and his brothers - Laman and Lemuel reproved by an angel
Chapter 4 Nephi secures the plates by stratagem - by command of the Spirit he slays Laban with the latter's own sword - Zoram accompanies Nephi and his brothers into the wilderness
Chapter 5 Sariah complains against Lehi - Both rejoice over their sons' return contents of the plates of brass - Lehi a descendant of Joseph - Laban also of that lineage - Lehi's prophecies
Chapter 6 Nephi's intent - He writes what is pleasing to God
Chapter 7 Lehi's sons sent back to Jerusalem - Ishmael and household agree to join Lehi's company - Dissension - Nephi, bound with cords, is freed through power of faith - His rebellious brethren repent
Chapter 8 Lehi's dream of the tree, the river, and the rod of iron - Laman and Lemuel partake not of the fruit
Chapter 9 Concerning the plates of Nephi Two sets of records, one of the ministry, the other of rulers, wars, etc
Chapter 10 Lehi predicts the Babylonian captivity, and the coming of the Lamb of God - The house of Israel likened to an olive-tree - Dispersion and subsequent gathering typified
Chapter 11 Nephi and the Spirit of the Lord Lehi's prophetic dream interpreted - Nephi's vision of the Virgin and the Son of God - Christ's ministry foreshown
Chapter 12 Nephi's vision of the land of promise - The future appearing of the Savior to the people of Nephi - Their righteousness, iniquity, and downfall fore seen
Chapter 13 The nations of the Gentiles - A great and abominable church - America's history foreshadowed - The Holy Bible to proceed from the Jews - The Book of Mormon to come forth unto the Gentiles
Chapter 14 Alternative blessing or cursing for the Gentiles - Two churches only Doom of the mother of harlots - Mission of John the Revelator-End of Nephi's vision
Chapter 15 Lehi's teachings interpreted by Nephi - The olive-tree - The tree of life - The word of God
Chapter 16 Lehi's sons and Zoram intermarry with the daughters of Ishmael The journey continued - The ball or director given - Death of Ishmael
Chapter 17 Irreantum or many waters the Lord commands Nephi to build a ship - His brethren oppose him and are confounded
Chapter 18 The ship completed - Jacob and Joseph - The voyage begun-Revelry and rebellion aboard - A storm at sea - Arrival in the promised land
Chapter 19 Nephi's record of his people Sundry prophets mentioned - Zenos and his predictions
Chapter 20 Prophecies recorded on the plates of brass Compare Isaiah 48
Chapter 21 Isaiah's writings, as recorded upon the plates of brass, continued - Compare Isaiah 49
Chapter 22 Nephi expounds the prophecies of Isaiah - Prediction of a mighty Gentile nation on the promised land - Lehi's descendants to be nourished by the Gentiles - The fate of those who fight against Zion
Chapter 1 The promised land a land of liberty, blessed for the righteous but cursed for the wicked - Lehi's exhortation
Chapter 2 Lehi to his son Jacob - Opposition necessary in all things - The forbidden fruit and the tree of life - Adam fell that men might be - Messiah, the great Mediator, to redeem mankind
Chapter 3 Lehi to his son Joseph - a prophecy by Joseph in Egypt - A choice seer foretold - The mission of Moses - Hebrew and Nephite scriptures
Chapter 4 Lehi blesses the sons and daughters of Laman and Lemuel-Blessings upon Ishmael's household and upon Sam and his posterity-Death of Lehi-Further rebellion
Chapter 5 Nephi, warned of God, separates from those who seek his life-Zoram, Sam, Jacob and Joseph and others accompany him-The sword of Laban-A temple built-Nephi a king or protector -The rebellious cursed with a dark skin-Priests and teachers are consecrated
Chapter 6-8 Jacob's exhortation to the people -He cites the prophecies of Isaiah
Chapter 9 Jacob's teachings continued- The atonement infinite-Where there is no law there is no punishment
Chapter 10 Jacob's teachings continued- The coming of Christ-No kings upon the land of promise-They who fight against Zion shall perish
Chapter 11 Jacob's teachings continued-Witnesses for the word of God-Types of the Redeemer
Chapter 12 Prophecies as recorded on the brass plates-Compare Isaiah 2
Chapter 13 Scriptures from the brass plates continued Compare Isaiah 3
Chapter 14 Scriptures from the brass plates continued Compare Isaiah 4
Chapter 15 Scriptures from the brass plates continued Compare Isaiah 5
Chapter 16 Scriptures from the brass plates continued Compare Isaiah 6
Chapter 17 Scriptures from the brass plates continued Compare Isaiah 7
Chapter 18 Scriptures from the brass plates continued Compare Isaiah 8
Chapter 19 Scriptures from the brass plates continued Compare Isaiah 9
Chapter 20 Scriptures from the brass plates continued Compare Isaiah 10
Chapter 21 Scriptures from the brass plates continued Compare Isaiah 11
Chapter 22 Scriptures from the brass plates continued-Compare Isaiah 12
Chapter 23 Scriptures from the brass plates continued Compare Isaiah 13
Chapter 24 Scriptures from the brass plates continued Compare Isaiah 14
Chapter 25 Nephi's comments-His prediction of the scattering and subsequent gathering of Israel-Time of the Messiah's advent again specified
Chapter 26 Nephi's predictions continued-Christ to come to the Nephites-Their final destruction-The days of the Gentiles
Chapter 27 Nephi's predictions continued-God's judgments upon the wicked- The sealed book-The unlearned man-The three witnesses-A marvelous work and a wonder
Chapter 28 Nephi's predictions continued-Latter-day churches and conditions-The kingdom of the devil to be shaken -The misleading precepts of men
Chapter 29 Nephi's predictions continued-The Gentiles and the Bible-Other records -God's words to be gathered in one
Chapter 30 Nephi's predictions continued-Converted Gentiles to be numbered with the covenant people-Jews and Lamanites to believe-The wicked to be destroyed
Chapter 31 Nephi's predictions continued-Why the Savior would be baptized-The straight and narrow way
Chapter 32 Nephi's predictions continued-The tongue of angels-Office of the Holy Ghost
Chapter 33 Nephi's parting testimony-Not mighty in writing as in speaking-His great concern for his people
Chapter 1 Nephites and Lamanites-Death of Nephi, son of Lehi-Hardness of heart and wicked practices
Chapter 2 Jacob's denunciation of unchastity and other sins-Plurality of wives forbidden because of iniquity
Chapter 3 Jacob's denunciation continued -Lamanites more righteous than Nephites-The former commended for fidelity in marriage-The latter again warned
Chapter 4 Jacob's teachings continued-The law of Moses among the Nephites, pointing them to Christ- -His rejection by the Jews foreseen
Chapter 5 Jacob quotes the prophet Zenos-Allegory of the tame and wild olive tree-Israel and the Gentiles
Chapter 6 Jacob expounds the allegory of the olive-tree-The pruning of the vineyard
Chapter 7 Sherem, denying the Christ, demands a sign and is stricken-He confesses his sin and dies-A reformation begins-Hatred of Lamanites for Nephites-Jacob gives the plates to his son Enos
The Lord's promise concerning a Nephite record to come forth to the Lamanites Characters condition, and wars of the two peoples
Jarom, son of Enos, keeps the records The Nephites serve the Lord and are prospered
Comprising records kept by Omni, Amaron, Chemish, Abinadom, and Amaleki, Mosiah, the first, leaving the land of Nephi, discovers the land of Zarahemla, occupied by another colony from Jerusalem-He is made king--Coriantumr, the last of the Jaredites-King Benjamin -Other migrations
Mormon's abridgment and the smaller plates of Nephi-Relation of the foregoing part of the Book of Mormon to that which follows
Chapter 1 King Benjamin's exhortation to his sons-Mosiah chosen to succeed his father-He receives the records, etc
Chapter 2 King Benjamin builds a tower from which he addresses his people-The righteous reign of a God-fearing king
Chapter 3 King Benjamin's address continued-Another prophecy of the Christ, -More concerning the atonement
Chapter 4 King Benjamin's address concluded-The conditions of salvation-Man's dependence upon God-Liberality, wisdom and diligence enjoined
Chapter 5 Effect of king Benjamin's address-The people repent and enter into covenant with Christ, and are called by his name
Chapter 6 Names of the people recorded-Priests appointed-Beginning of Mosiah's reign-Death of king Benjamin
Chapter 7 Expedition to the land of Lehi Nephi-Ammon and king Limhi-People of Lehi-Nephi in bondage to Lamanites
Chapter 8 Ammon learns of the discovery of twenty-four gold plates with engravings-He suggests they be submitted to king Mosiah, prophet and seer
Chapter 9 Beginning of the Record of Zeniff-Zeniff goes to possess the land of Lehi-Nephi-A spy among the Lamanites-The craftiness of king Laman
Chapter 10 King Laman dies-Zeniff and his people prevail against their oppressors
Chapter 11 The wicked king Noah and his priests-The prophet Abinadi denounces the prevailing wickedness-King Noah seeks his life
Chapter 12 Abinadi, for denouncing evildoers, is cast into prison-The false priests sit in judgment upon him-They are confounded
Chapter 13 Abinadi the prophet, protected by divine power, withstands the priests and cites the law and the gospel
Chapter 14 Abinadi quotes Isaiah to the priests of king Noah Compare Isaiah 53
Chapter 15 Abinadi's prophecy-God himself to come down and redeem his people-Why Jesus Christ is called the Father and the Son
Chapter 16 Abinadi's prophecy continued-Christ the only Redeemer-Resurrection and judgment
Chapter 17 Martyrdom of Abinadi-While suffering death by fire he predicts retribution upon his murderers conversion of Alma
Chapter 18 The waters of Mormon-Alma baptizes Helam and others-The church of Christ-King Noah sends an army to destroy Alma and his followers
Chapter 19 A futile search Gideon's insurrection-A Lamanite invasion-King Noah suffers death by fire-His son Limhi a tributary monarch
Chapter 20 Priests of king Noah carry off daughters of the Lamanites-Lamanites seek revenge upon king Limhi and his people-They are repulsed and pacified
Chapter 21 Abinadi's prophecy further fulfilled-Nephites in bondage suffer great affliction-The Lord softens the hearts of their enemies-More concerning the twenty-four plates
Chapter 22 Plan to throw off Lamanite yoke-Gideon's proposal-Lamanites made drunk-The captive people escape and go to Zarahemla-End of Zeniff's record
Chapter 23 Alma refuses to be king-Land of Helam captured by Lamanites -Amulon, leader of king Noah's wicked priests, rules subject to the Lamanite monarch
Chapter 24 Amulon persecutes Alma and his followers-The Lord makes their burdens light and delivers them from bondage-They go to Zarahemla
Chapter 25 Zarahemla, a descendant of Mulek-The record of Zeniff and the account of Alma read to the people-Alma authorized to establish the church of Christ throughout the land
Chapter 26 Concerning unbelievers and evil-doers-The Lord instructs Alma how to deal with them
Chapter 27 Persecution forbidden and equality enjoined-Alma, the younger, and the four sons of Mosiah, among the unbelievers-Their miraculous conversion-They become preachers of righteousness
Chapter 28 Mosiah permits his sons to preach to the Lamanites-The twenty-four plates translated-Alma, the younger, made the custodian of the records
Chapter 29 King Mosiah discourses upon kingcraft-Recommends representative form of government-judges elected Death of Alma, the elder-Mosiah's death ends the reign of the Nephite kings
Chapter 1 Nehor, an enemy of the church, slays Gideon, and is brought to judgment and executed-Priestcraft and persecution-Improved conditions-Priests and people equal
Chapter 2 Amlici seeks to become king-Rejected by the majority, but is made king-He is defeated in battle-He joins the Lamanites-Alma slays Amlici and routs his forces
Chapter 3 The mark of the Amlicites, and the curse upon the Lamanites-Another Nephite victory
Chapter 4 Growth of the church-Prosperity, pride, and iniquity-Nephihah made chief judge
Chapter 5 Alma recounts the experience of the church-Denounces iniquity-calls upon the people to repent
Chapter 6 The reform movement, begun in Zarahemla, is carried to the city of Gideon
Chapter 7 Alma's testimony of the Redeemer-He commends the people for their righteousness
Chapter 8 Alma's success in Melek-The people of Ammonihah cast him out-Comforted by an angel, he returns-Amulek joins him in the ministry-Great power given
Chapter 9 Alma preaches to the people of Ammonihah and calls them to repentance-His testimony rejected
Chapter 10 Amulek's lineage-Lehi a descendant of Joseph through Manasseh-Amulek tells of his conversion-His testimony-He denounces designing lawyers and judges-Zeezrom
Chapter 11 Judges and their compensation-Nephite coins and measures-Zeezrom confounded by Amulek
Chapter 12 Amulek's testimony confirmed by Alma-Doctrine of the tree of life--The plan of redemption expounded
Chapter 13 Alma's discourse continued-The holy order of the Son of God-High priests-Why ordained-Melchizedek and Abraham
Chapter 14 Alma and Amulek imprisoned -Their adherents persecuted-Deaths by fire-Zeezrom, now repentant, pleads their cause and is cast out-The prophets are delivered from prison-Their enemies slain
Chapter 15 Zeezrom, miraculously healed, joins the church and preaches-Many baptized-Alma and Amulek return to Zarahemla
Chapter 16 A cry of war-The wicked city Ammonihah destroyed by Lamanites- Zoram and his sons rout the enemy-Desolation of Nehors-The church widely established
Chapter 17 Ammon in the land of Ishmael -He becomes a servant to the king-His heroic rescue and defence of the king's flocks
Chapter 18 King Lamoni mistakes Ammon for the Great Spirit-He is taught concerning the true God-Overcome by the Spirit of the Lord, he falls as if dead
Chapter 19 A wonderful conversion-Abish the Lamanite woman-Lamanite king and queen espouse the faith-Ammon establishes the church in Ishmael
Chapter 20 Ammon and king Lamoni journey to Middoni-They meet Lamoni's father who is king over all the land-Hostile at first, he relents and grants great favors
Chapter 21 Rejected by the Amalekites, Aaron and Muloki go to Middoni-They are imprisoned-Their release and missionary labors-Ammon's further success- Synagogues built
Chapter 22 Aaron in the land of Nephi-The king and all his household converted country divided between Nephites and Lamanites
Chapter 23 Religious freedom proclaimed-Many Lamanites converted-Amalekites and Amulonites reject the truth-The Anti-Nephi-Lehies
Chapter 24 Lamanites come against the people of God-Converted Lamanites refuse to take up arms-More conversions
Chapter 25 Lamanite aggressions-Vengeance by Amulonites-Martyrdoms-Further fulfillment of Abinadi's prophecy
Chapter 26 Ammon glories in the Lord-Boasting in righteousness-He recounts blessings to himself and his brethren
Chapter 27 People of Anti-Nephi-Lehi seek safety in Zarahemla-They are called the people of Ammon-Land of Jershon given to them
Chapter 28 Lamanites make war upon Nephites-A tremendous battle-Lamanites defeated-Deep mourning
Chapter 29 Alma's yearning desire to cry repentance to all-God's word is apportioned in wisdom-Alma rejoices over success of his brethren
Chapter 30 Korihor the Anti-Christ-Expelled from Jershon and arrested at Gideon-Arraigned in Zarahemla-He demands a sign and is stricken dumb-His miserable death
Chapter 31 Alma heads a mission to reclaim the Zoramite dissenters-The Rameumptom or holy stand-The Zoramite form of worship
Chapter 32 The poor hearken to message of salvation-Alma's commendation and discourse-Faith developed by desire to believe
Chapter 33 Alma's discourse continued-True worship not confined to sanctuaries -The prophets Zenos and Zenock again cited
Chapter 34 Amulek's testimony-The great and last sacrifice-How mercy satisfies justice-Repentance not to be procrastinated
Chapter 35 Nephite missionaries retire to land of Jershon-Their Zoramite converts, expelled from their own country, rejoin them-Preparations made for war
Chapter 36 Alma recounts his sinful past, his miraculous conversion, and his subsequent zeal in the ministry
Chapter 37 Helaman entrusted with the records and other sacred relics-Gazelem-Liahona a type of the word of Christ
Chapter 38 Shiblon commended for faithfulness, and counseled to observe meekness and self-control
Chapter 39 Corianton reproved for harlotry-His sinful conduct had affected faith of the Zoramite-Christ's redemption retroactive
Chapter 40 Alma to Corianton continued-Resurrection universal-Separate states of righteous and wicked between death and resurrection-Paradise-A literal restoration assured
Chapter 41 Alma to Corianton continued-What restoration signifies-Men to be judged according to their deeds and desires-Self-judgment
Chapter 42 Alma to Corianton concluded -justice and mercy expounded-The tree of life-Mortality a period of probation-Spiritual and temporal death-Repentance, atonement, law, punishment, all necessary
Chapter 43 Alma and his sons severally go forth to preach and teach-Another Lamanite invasion-Armies of Moroni and Lehi overpower and surround the enemy
Chapter 44 Moroni's magnanimity-Zerahemnah rejects his peace offer, but is compelled to accept terms-Lamanites make covenant of peace-End of Alma's record
Chapter 45 Nephite extinction again foretold-Alma's departure compared to that of Moses-Dissension in the church
Chapter 46 Amalickiah conspires to be king -Moroni and the title of liberty-His stirring protest and appeal-The people covenant to maintain freedom-Flight of Amalickiah
Chapter 47 Amalickiah, by treachery, becomes king of the Lamanites-His awful wickedness
Chapter 48 Amalickiah incites Lamanites against Nephites-Moroni prepares for the conflict-A true patriot and a mighty man of God
Chapter 49 Lamanites attack city of Noah -The invaders baffled and repulsed-Amalickiah's wrath over his failure-Prosperity of the church
Chapter 50 Moroni fortifies the line between land of Zarahemla and land of Nephi-Morianton plans to occupy the land northward-He is killed by Teancurn-Pahoran succeeds Nephihah
Chapter 51 King-men and freemen-Pahoran, chief judge, is sustained by the freemen-King-men suppressed-Amalickiah's invasion, defeat, and death
Chapter 52 Ammoron succeeds Amalickiah-Moroni, with Teancum and Lehi, retakes city of Mulek and wins great victory-Death of Jacob, the Lamanite general
Chapter 53 City Bountiful fortified-Nephite dissension gives advantage to enemy-Helaman and his two thousand stripling warriors
Chapter 54 Ammoron asks for exchange of prisoners-Moroni grants request upon conditions-The Lamanite king's angry reply
Chapter 55 Moroni, incensed at Ammoron's false assertions, refuses to exchange prisoners-Strategy secures release of captured Nephites-City of Gid taken without bloodshed
Chapter 56 Helaman's epistle to Moroni-Wonderful faith and valor of the stripling Ammonites-Another great battle-Nephites victorious
Chapter 57 Helaman's epistle continued-Antiparah retaken-City of Cumeni surrenders-Lamanites driven to Manti -A miraculous preservation-Escape of many Lamanite prisoners
Chapter 58 Helaman's epistle concluded-Nephite operations before Manti-A Lamanite sortie-Gid and Teomner capture the city-Enemy withdraws
Chapter 59 Moroni writes to Pahoran, asking reenforcements for Helaman-City of Nephihah taken by Lamanites Moroni's anger at seeming indifference of the government
Chapter 60 Moroni's second epistle to Pahoran complains of neglect-Demands immediate help on peril of reprisal
Chapter 61 Pahoran's patriotic reply-He exonerates himself and the freemen-He shows the Nephite state to be tottering-Govemor appeals for military aid against rebels
Chapter 62 Moroni marches to relief of Pahoran-Zarahemla recaptured from the rebel-Help sent to Helaman, Lehi, and Teancum-Lamanites concentrate in land of Moroni-Teancum slays Ammoron, at cost of his own life-Lamanites driven out of the land
Chapter 63 Shiblon succeeds Helaman-Death of Moroni-Hagoth, builder of ships-Nephite voyages to the land northward-Helaman, son of Helaman, keeps the records-Moronihah defeats Lamanites -End of Alma's account
Chapter 1 Pahoran's sons contend for the judgment-seat-Pahoran the second is murdered by Kishkumen Coriantumr, Nephite dissenter, is leader of the Lamanites-Zarahemla captured and retaken
Chapter 2 Helaman the second is appointed chief judge-Kishkumen slain by Helaman's servant-Secret combinations-The Gadianton robbers escape
Chapter 3 More migrations to the north -A land of large waters-Buildings of cement-Many records kept-Helaman dies-His son, Nephi, succeeds him
Chapter 4 Many dissensions in the church -Lamanites again invade land of Zarahemla-The city captured-Nephites driven into the land Bountiful-Moronihah fortifies the way-Weakened by wickedness, the Nephites prevail not
Chapter 5 Nephi yields judgment-seat to Cezoram-With his brother Lehi he devotes himself to the ministry-Marvelous manifestations converted Lamanites restore conquered Nephite lands
Chapter 6 Lamanites send missionaries to Nephites-Peace and freedom abound-The land Lehi and the land Mulek-Cezoram murdered-His son also murdered-Gadianton robbers seize government
Chapter 7 Beginning of the prophecy of Nephi, son of Helaman-Nephi, rejected by the people in the north, returns to Zarahemla-From his garden tower he prays to God and addresses the multitude
Chapter 8 Nephi's address continued-Corrupt judges vainly endeavor to incite people against him-By inspiration he announces the murder of the chief judge
Chapter 9 Nephi's words verified-Chief judge found dead at the judgment-seat -Nephi and five others accused-Their innocence established-The murderer made known
Chapter 10 Nephi is comforted by the Lord with promise of great power-He preaches repentance and warns the wicked of impending judgments
Chapter 11 Further depredations by the secret band of robbers-A great famine-The famishing people turn to the Lord and are again prospered-Dissension and strife follow-The Gadianton band more active
Chapter 12 Mormon's commentary on the condition of the people-Human frailty and the goodness and power of God-Blessed are the penitent-Men to be judged according to their works
Chapter 13 Beginning of the prophecy of Samuel the Lamanite-Samuel proclaims his prophecies from the city wall -Sword of justice to fall on fourth generation-Nephite cities spared for sake of the righteous-Land to be cursed-Slippery treasures
Chapter 14 Samuel the LAMANITE predicts the Christ-The signs of Christ's birth to be given in five years-Signs of his death also foretold
Chapter 15 Samuel the Lamanite continues his warning words-A remnant of his people to be preserved-Nephites to be utterly destroyed unless they repent
Chapter 16 Some of the Nephites join the church of Christ-The majority reject Samuel's testimony-They attempt to assault and bind him-He escapes and returns to his own country-Nephi's further ministry -Skepticism abounds
Chapter 1 Nephi, son of Helaman, departs -Signs of the Savior's birth actually appear-Opposite effects manifest-Again, the Gadianton band
Chapter 2 Nephite degeneracy-Nephite reckoning of time changed-White Lamanites-Both peoples unite for defence against the bands of robbers and murderers
Chapter 3 Lachoneus, governor of the land, receives epistle from Gaddianhi, the robber chieftain--Surrender demanded-Lachoneus ignores demand and prepares for defence
Chapter 4 The robbers beaten and their leader slain-His successor, Zemnarihah, hanged-Gidgiddoni's military
Chapter 5 Nephites repent and seek to end works of wickedness-Mormon's account of himself and of the plates kept by him-Another allusion to the gathering of Israel
Chapter 6 The people are prospered-Pride, wealth, and class distinctions follow-The church rent by dissension-Deeds of darkness
Chapter 7 Chief judge murdered and government overthrown-Division into tribes-King Jacob-Nephi's powerful ministry
Chapter 8 Christ's crucifixion attested by predicted signs-Tempest and earthquake, whirlwind and fire-A great and terrible destruction-Three days of darkness
Chapter 9 The voice of God proclaims the extent of the disaster and declares the causes thereof-The law of Moses fulfilled--The acceptable sacrifice of a broken heart and a contrite spirit
Chapter 10 Silence in the land for many hours-Again the voice from heaven-The darkness disperses-Only the more righteous of the people had been spared
Chapter 11 Beginning of the record of the personal ministry of the resurrected Christ among the Nephites-The Eternal Father proclaims the Christ-The Resurrected Christ appears-The multitude permitted to feel his wounds-Mode and baptism prescribed-Contention and disputation forbidden-Christ the rock
Chapter 12 The Savior's teachings to the Nephities continued-He calls and commissions the twelve disciples-His words to the multitude-The Sermon on the Mount retold-Compare Matthew 5
Chapter 13 The Savior's sermon to the Nephites continued-His commandments to the twelve compare Matthew 6
Chapter 14 The Savior's sermon continued -Further instructions to the multitude-Compare Matthew 7
Chapter 15 The Law of Moses superseded -The Giver of the Law fulfils the Law -The people there present were declared to be the sheep of another fold, spoken of to the Jews
Chapter 16 Yet another fold to hear the Savior-Blessings upon the believing Gentiles-The state of those who reject the Gospel-The prophet Isaiah cited
Chapter 17 The Savior's instructions continued-The lost tribes of Israel-The Savior heals the sick and blesses little children-A marvelous and touching scene
Chapter 18 Sacrament of bread and wine instituted among the Nephites-Necessity of prayer emphasized-Authority given to the twelve disciples to confer the Holy Ghost
Chapter 19 Names of the Nephite twelve -Their baptism-The Holy Ghost given -The Savior's second visitation-An ineffable outpouring of prayer
Chapter 20 Bread and wine, miraculously provided, again administered-The remnant of Jacob-The Savior proclaims himself to be the prophet spoken of as like unto Moses-Many prophets cited
Chapter 21 Sign of the Father's work-Glorious destiny of repentant Gentiles-condemnation predicted for the impenitent-The New Jerusalem
Chapter 22 The Savior further quotes the prophecies of Isaiah-compare Isaiah 54
Chapter 23 The Savior commands that omissions from Nephite records be supplied-Prophecy of Samuel the Lamanite added
Chapter 24 Malachi's words given to the Nephites-The law of tithes and offerings-compare Malachi 3
Chapter 25 Malachi's words continued-Elijah and his mission-The great and dreadful day of the Lord-compare Malachi 4
Chapter 26 The Savior expounds all things from the beginning-Marvels spoken by the mouths of babes-The work of the disciples
Chapter 27 Jesus Christ names his church -All things are written by the Father -Men to be judged by what is written in the books
Chapter 28 Each of the twelve is granted his heart's desire-Three elect to remain on earth until the Lord comes in his glory-Marvelous manifestations to the three-They are made immune to death and disaster
Chapter 29 Mormon's warning to those who spurn the words and works of the Lord
Chapter 30 Mormon calls the Gentiles to repentance
The church of Christ flourish-Nephites and Lamanites converted-They have all things in common-Two centuries of righteousness followed by division and degeneracy-Amos and Ammaron in turn keep the records
Chapter 1 Ammaron's charge to Mormon respecting the sacred engravings-War and wickedness-The three Nephite disciples depart-Mormon restrained from preaching-Predictions of Abinadi and Samuel the Lamanite fulfilled
Chapter 2 Mormon leads the Nephite armies-More of the Gadianton robbers-By treaty the land northward is given to the Nephites, and the land southward to the Lamanites
Chapter 3 Nephites continue in wickedness-Mormon refuses to be their military leader-His address to future generations-The twelve to judge the house of Israel
Chapter 4 Nephites begin a war of revenge upon Lamanites-Nephites no longer prevail-The sacred record taken from the hill Shim
Chapter 5 Mormon relents and again leads Nephites-Lamanites outnumber Nephites crime and carnage-Mormon's bridgment of the records
Chapter 6 The hill Cumorah and its records-The final struggle between the two nations-Lamanites victorious-Twenty-four Nephites survive
Chapter 7 Mormon affirms to Lamanites that they are of Israel-Admonishes them for their salvation
Chapter 8 Moroni finishes his father's record-After the carnage of Cumorah-Mormon among the slain-Lamanites and robbers possess the land-Mormon's record to come out of the earth conditions and calamities of latter days depicted
Chapter 9 Moroni's address to unbelievers -His testimony concerning the Christ -The Nephite language known as reformed Egyptian
Chapter 1 The prophet Ether's genealogy -The great tower-Jared and his brother-Their language not confounded -Preparing for migration as directed by the Lord
Chapter 2 In the valley of Nimrod Deseret, the honey bee-The Lord again talks with the brother of Jared-Divine decree concerning the land of promise-The place Moriancumer Barges built
Chapter 3 The finger of the Lord-Jesus Christ shows himself in the spirit to the brother of Jared-The luminous stones-The interpreters-A record yet to come
Chapter 4 The brother of Jared commanded to write-Moroni's solemn admonition-cursed is he who contends against the word of the Lord-Whatsoever persuades men to do good is of God
Chapter 5 Moroni to the future translator of his writings
Chapter 6 The story of the Jaredites continued-Their vessels lighted by miracle-Through the depths of the sea to the promised land-The people desire a king-Their leaders foresee evil but yield to the popular will-Death of Jared and his brother
Chapter 7 Orihah's righteous reign, followed by rebellion, usurpation and strife-The rival kingdoms of Shule and Cohor-Wickedness and idolatry-Prophets appear and the people repent
Chapter 8 The good king Omer-His son Jared conspires with Akish to obtain the crown-Strife and bloodshed-Secret and murderous combinations-Modern Gentiles warned against such dangers
Chapter 9 Omer loses and regains his crown -Emer's prosperous reign-Cureloms and cumoms, animals of that period-Sundry kings-Famine and poisonous serpents
Chapter 10 Riplakish the wrong-doer-Morianton the reformer-Other monarchs and their wars-The land southward a wilderness-The land north-ward inhabited
Chapter 11 Jaredite prophets predict utter destruction of their people except they repent-The warning unheeded
Chapter 12 The prophet Ether and king Coriantumr-The Jaredite and Nephite languages-God gives weaknesses that men may be humble-Moroni's farewell to the Gentiles
Chapter 13 Moroni continues the Jaredite history-Ether and his predictions-His life sought-He dwells in the cavity of a rock-Views by night the destruction falling upon his people
Chapter 14 A curse upon the land-continued strife and bloodshed-Coriantumr not to fall by the sword
Chapter 15 The hill Ramah or Cumorah Preparations for a mighty struggle Millions go down to death-Shiz slain by Coriantumr-Ether's concluding words -End of the Jaredite record
Chapter 1 Moroni's desolate state -He writes, hoping for the welfare of the Lamanites
Chapter 2 Concerning the bestowal of the Holy Ghost by the Nephite twelve
Chapter 3 Concerning the ordination of priests and teachers
Chapter 4 Mode of administering the sacramental bread
Chapter 5 Mode of administering the sacramental wine
Chapter 6 Conditions and mode of baptism- Church discipline
Chapter 7 Moroni presents Mormon's teachings on faith, hope, charity
Chapter 8 Mormon's epistle to Moroni-Little children have no need of repentance or baptism
Chapter 9 The second epistle of Mormon to his son, Moroni-Atrocities committed by Lamanites and Nephites-A father's last and affectionate admonition
Chapter 10 Moroni's farewell to the Lamanites-Conditions on which individual testimony of the truth of the Book of Mormon may be obtained-Moroni seals up the record of his people