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Volume 4 - Appendix A









1st      in the first year of the reign of the judges (1:2)

     Alma reigns in the judgment seat (1:2)

     Nehor brought to judgment & death for slaying Gideon



2nd      in the second year (1:23)

     Contentions between members of the church and non

           members (1:23)


(3rd-4th)      Members become wealthy (1:31)

     There was much peace until the fifth year (1:33)


5th      in the commencement of the fifth year (2:1)

     Amlici leads revolt against king (2:1-2)

     Amlicite War:

        Battle at hill Amnihu-Flight to Gideon and Minon (2:15-24)

        Lamanites join Amlicites at Minon (2:24)

        Battle at Sidon river crossing - Flight to Wilderness of

           Hermounts (2:27-37)

     2nd Lamanite invasion (3:20)-Lamanites driven out

     all these wars and contentions were commenced and

           ended in the fifth year (3:25)


6th      in the sixth year (4:1)

     People humbled - church grows (4:1-4)


7th      in the seventh year (4:5)

     3500 people join church (4:5)


8th      in the eighth year (4:6)

     People wax proud (4:6-)

     thus ended the eighth year (4:10)






1st      Having taken leave . . . in the first year (17:6)

     Sons of Mosiah depart out of Zarahemla (17:7)

     They journeyed many days in the wilderness (17:9)

     Ammon goes to land of Ishmael (17:19)

     Aaron goes to Jerusalem

     Ammon becomes servant to king - triumphs at water of

           Sebus (17:26)

     Aaron goes to Ani Anti (21:11)

     Aaron goes to Middoni & is cast into prison (21:13)


(2nd)      King Lamoni is converted by Ammon (ch. 18)

     Ammon establishes church in land of Ishmael (20:1)

     Ammon & Lamoni go toward Middoni (20:2)

     Ammon & Lamoni meet & subdue King of all land of Nephi

           on the way (20:8)

     Aaron set free by Ammon in Middoni (21:14)

     Brethren brought forth from prison (20:28)


(3rd)      Ammon returns to Ishmael (21:18)

     Aaron goes to King of all land of Nephi in "local" land of

           Nephi (compare 17:8 as this might be the first

           incidence of "local" vs. "general" lands of Nephi)

     Conversion of King (ch. 22)


(4th)      Proclamation (22:27-34) & (ch. 23)

     Aaron & Brethren preach all over (23:4-5)


(5-8th)      Many Converted (23:5)

     Anti Nephi Lehi's (23:17)

     Amalekites & Amulonites rebel against their king (24:1-2)


Note*** A number in parenthesis ( ) denotes an estimated date






9th      in the commencement of the ninth year (4:11)

     Great inequality (4:12)

     Nephihah appointed to judgment seat (4:17-18)

     Alma2 dedicates himself to preaching

     Alma first preaches at Zarahemla (5:1-)

     Alma departs for Gideon (6:7) (ch. 7)

     thus ended the ninth year (8:2)

10th      in the commencement of the tenth year (8:3)

     Alma goes to Melek (8:3)

     Alma goes to Ammonihah and is rejected (8:6)

     Alma departs towards Aaron (8:13)- returns to Ammonihah            (8:18)

     An angel appears to Amulek on the fourth day of this

     seventh month, which is in the tenth year (10:5)

     Alma meets Amulek and they go forth to prophesy (8:19-29)

     Words of Alma & Amulek (ch. 9- ch. 13)

     Alma & Amulek cast into prison

     Believers burned (14:8-13)

     Alma & Amulek delivered miraculously on the twelfth day,

     in the tenth month, in the tenth year (14:23)

     Alma & Amulek depart to Sidom (15:1)

     Church is established at Sidom (15:13)

     Alma & Amulek return to Zarahemla (15:18)

     and thus ended the tenth year


11th      in the eleventh year, . . . on the fifth day of the second

     month. . . there having been no wars nor contentions

       for a certain number of years, even until the fifth day of

       the second month in the eleventh year (16:1)

     Lamanite army destroys Ammonihah (16:2)

     Zoram is chief commander of Nephite armies (16:5)

     Nephites meet Lamanite army at head of Sidon. Lamanites            scattered (16:6-8)

     And thus ended the eleventh year(16:9)


12-14th      Continual peace in all the land for three years (16:12)


     (Moroni becomes Nephite chief commander - age 25)


     Alma & Amulek preach throughout all the land (16:15)


14th      Alma meets the sons of Mosiah and they had been teaching

     the word of God for the space of fourteen years among

     the Lamanites (17:1-4)








(9th)      Lamanite king dies--Lamanites prepare to war against

            people of God (24:4)      


(10th)      Sons of Mosiah hold council at land of Ishmael (24:5)

     Anti-Nephi-Lehi people attacked & slain, As many

           Lamanites converted (24:20-26)


11th      Army of Lamanites destroy Ammonihah (25:2)(16:2)

     Many battles with Nephites (25:3)

     Almost all seed of Amulon slain (25:4)

     Remainder of seed flee into east wilderness and put

           believers to death by fire (25:5)


(12th)      Lamanites hunt seed of Amulon (25:8)

     Lamanites dwell in Peace (25:13)

     Ammon recounts blessings (ch. 26)


(13th)      Ammon gathers together people and departs into the

           wilderness which divides the lands (27:14)

     People camp near borders of the land of Zarahemla (27:14)


(14th)      Ammon & brethren leave group and go toward Zarahemla



     As Ammon was going forth into the land, that he and his

           brethren met Alma, over in the place which has

           been spoken (27:16)


     Sons of Mosiah go with Alma to Zarahemla

     People of Ammon take possession of Jershon (27:26)







14th      And the Lamanites did not come again to war against

     the Nephites until the fourteenth year (16:12)

     Thus ended the fourteenth year (16:21)


16th      after: the dead were buried (30:2)

     after: days of fasting, mourning, prayer (30:2)

16th      it was in the sixteenth year of the reign of the judges


     Continual peace - no disturbance in all the sixteenth


17th      in the seventeenth year (30:5)

     Continual peace (30:5)

     in the latter end of the seventeenth year:

     The anti-Christ Korihor begins to preach (30:12)

     Korihor goes from Jershon -> Gideon -> Zarahemla ->

           Antionum (ch. 30)

     Zoramites kill Korihor (31:59)

     Alma & sons go on a mission to the Zoramites (31)

     Alma talks on faith (32)

     Alma talks on true worhsip (33)

     Amulek's testimony (34)

     Alma's group goes to Jershon (35:1)

     Poor gather to Jershon (35:9)

     Zoramites & Lamanites make preparation for war (35:11)

     thus ended the seventeenth year (35:12)

(17-18)      People of Ammon depart to Melek (35:13)

     Nephite armies occupy Jershon (35:13)

     (War - account to be given later) (35:13)

     Alma, Ammon & brethren return to Zarahemla (35:14)

     Alma recounts conversion (36)

     Alma entrusts Helaman with the records & Liahona (37:1)

     Alma gives commandments to his son Shiblon on self

           control (38)

     Alma reproves Corianton (39)

     Alma's teaching on the resurrection (40)

     Alma's teaching on the Judgment (41)

     Alma's teaching on Justice & Mercy (42)

     Sons of Alma & Alma go forth among people (43:1)

     (Return to the account of war) (43:3)

18th      in the commencement of the eighteenth year (43:4)

     Zerahemnah leads Lamanites against the Nephites (43:5)

     Moroni is commander of Nephite armies (43:17)

     Nephites heavily armoured - Lamanites depart to Manti


     Moroni leaves some in Jershon - goes to Manti (43:25)

     Moroni & Lehi suround Zerahemna (43:25)

     Moroni preaches - offers peace (ch 44)

     Zerahemnah charges Moroni & is scalped (44:13)

     After covenant of peace, Lamanites depart into wilderness


     Nephites return to houses (44:23)

     End of the record of Alma2 (44:24)






A tremendous battle such as one as never had been

             known (28:2)


(15th)      Tens of thousands of the Lamanites are slain and

           scattered abroad (28:2)

     the fifteenth year. . . is ended (28:9)





Year      Explanation


19th      in the nineteenth year of the reign of the judges

           (Alma 45:2)


     Central land of Zarahemla

     Helaman takes over from Alma as recordkeeper (subtitle)

     Alma speaks to Helaman-- Nephite apostasy, extinction


     Alma departs from land of Zarahemla like unto Moses


     Helaman goes forth to declare the word (45:20)

     Unbelieving Nephites gather to Amalickiah for their king


     Moroni establishes the Title of Liberty throughout the land


     Amalickiah departs toward land of Nephi (46:29)


     Southwest quarter

     Moroni cuts off Amalickiah (46:31-32)

           Amalickiah flees with a small number (46:33)

           remainder taken back to Zarahemla (46:33)


     Central land of Zarahemla

     Helaman has peace for four years (46:38)



     Land of Nephi

     Amalickiah becomes king of the Lamanites (ch. 47)

     in the latter end of the nineteenth year(48:2)

     Lamanite army moves towards the land of Zarahemla (48:6)


     Northwest quarter

     in the eleventh month of the nineteenth year(49:1)

     Lamanites attack Ammonihah and fail (49:9-10)

     Lamanites attack Noah and fail (49:12-)

     Lamanites return to land of Nephi (49:25)


     Land of Nephi

     Amalickiah swears to subjugate the Nephites (Alma 49:26)



20th      in the commencement of the 20th year (Alma 50:1)