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Volume 5 - Appendix A




     APPENDIX A (Chronology)




Year      Explanation


19th      in the nineteenth year of the reign of the judges(45:2)


     Central land of Zarahemla

     Helaman takes over from Alma as recordkeeper (subtitle)

     Alma to Helaman: Nephite apostasy, extinction (45:1)

     Alma departs from Zarahemla like unto Moses (45:18)

     Helaman goes forth to declare the word (45:20)

     Unbelieving Nephites choose Amalickiah for their king


     Moroni establishes the Title of Liberty throughout the land


     Amalickiah departs toward land of Nephi (46:29)


     Southwest quarter

     Moroni cuts off Amalickiah (46:31-32)

        Amalickiah flees with a small number (46:33)

        remainder taken back to Zarahemla (46:33)


     Central land of Zarahemla

     Helaman has peace for four years (46:38)


     Land of Nephi

     Amalickiah becomes king of the Lamanites (ch. 47)

     in the latter end of the nineteenth year(48:2)

     Lamanite army moves towards the land of Zarahemla



     Northwest quarter

     in the eleventh month of the nineteenth year(49:1)

     Lamanites attack Ammonihah and fail (49:9-10)

     Lamanites attack Noah and fail (49:12-24)

     Lamanites return to land of Nephi (49:25)


     Land of Nephi

     Amalickiah swears to subjugate the Nephites (49:26)


20th      in the commencement of the 20th year (Alma 50:1)


     Central land of Zarahemla

     Moroni did not stop making preparations for war to

        defend his people against the Lamanites (Alma 50:1)


     Southwest quarter

     All Lamanite strongholds in the west are cut off (50:11)

     Line fortified between the land of Zarahemla and the land

        of Nephi (50:11)





Year      Explanation


     Northeast & Southeast quarters

     Armies were sent into the east wilderness (Alma 50:7-15)

        They drove out all the Lamanites into their own lands


     Southeast quarter

     Moroni positioned armies on the south boundary (50:10)

     Moroni cut off all strongholds of the Lamanites in the

        east wilderness (50:11)

     Line fortified between land of Zarahemla and land of


     Many cities were built: Moroni, Nephihah, many cities on

        the north - Lehi (50:13-15)

     And thus ended the twentieth year (50:16)





Year      Explanation


21st      in the commencement of the twenty and first year

        (Alma 50:17)

     Nephites prosper exceedingly (50:18)


22nd      the twenty and second year. . . ended in peace



23rd      the twenty and third year (ended in peace)(50:24)


     Central land of Zarahemla

     Pahoran begins reign as Chief Judge (50:40)

     in the end of the twenty and fourth year(50:40)


25th      the commencement of the twenty and fifth year (51:1)

     King-men vs Freemen (51:1-8)





Year      Explanation


24th      commencement of the twenty and fourth year (50:25)


     Southeast quarter

     Contention between people of Morianton and Lehi


        People of Lehi flee to camp of Moroni (50:27)

        People of Morianton flee to land northward (50:29)


     Northeast quarter

     Teancum heads Morianton by the narrow pass (50:34)


     Land of Nephi

     Amalickiah (Lamanite King) prepares for war (51:9)


     Southeast quarter

     Amalickiah comes down to land of Zarahemla (51:11-12)

     in twenty and fifth year (51:12)

     Moroni sends a petition to Pahoran to grant Moroni

        power to compel king-men to fight for the country


     Moroni marches & puts an end to king-men (51:16-21)

     Lamanites invade land of Moroni

        take possession of the city of Moroni (51:22-23)

     Nephites flee to Nephihah from Moroni and Lehi (51:23)

     Lamanites march to borders of Bountiful (51:25-28)

        take possession of the cities of Nephihah, Lehi,

        Morianton, Omner, Gid, and Mulek (51:26)

        all were in the east borders by the seashore (51:26)


     Teancum heads Amalickiah (51:29-31)

     Teancum kills Amalickiah (51:32-37)


     and thus ended the twenty and fifth year (51:37)





Year      Explanation


     Helaman rehearses the situation of the people of Ammon

        to Moroni (Alma 56:2-6)


26th      in the twenty and sixth year (Alma 56:7)

     (Note* it does not say "in the commencement of")


     Northwest quarter

     Afflictions arise, people of Ammon about to break

        covenant (56:7)

     in the twenty and sixth year (Alma 56:9)

     Helaman marches with 2000 to Judea to assist Antipus


     Southwest quarter

     Antipus had been appointed a leader by Moroni over

        that part of the land

     Lamanites have taken many prisoners (all chief captains)

        to the land of Nephi (53:12)

     Lamanites had taken cities of Manti, Zeezrom, Cumeni,

        and Antiparah (56:13-16)

     Ammoron orders no attacks (56:17-20)

     And thus ended the twenty and sixth year (56:20)


27th      in the commencement of the twenty and seventh year

        (Alma 56:20)

     Lamanites don't dare attack city of Zarahemla or

        Nephihah (56:21-26)





Year      Explanation


26th      in the twenty and sixth year . . . on the first morning

        of the first month (Alma 52:1)


     Northeast quarter

     Lamanites retreat to Mulek (52:1-2)

     Ammoron appointed Lamanite king (52:3)

     Lamanites maintain their conquered cities (52:4-6)

        Teancum prepares his men for war (52:7)





     Central Land of Zarahemla

     Moroni sent Teancum: (52:8-10)

     1. a large number of men

     2. orders to retain prisoners

     3. orders to fortify Bountiful & secure Narrow Pass

     4. orders to maintain that quarter of land

     5. orders to possibly retake some cities


     Moroni can't come because "the Lamanites are upon us

        in the borders of the land by the west sea, and I go

        against them" (52:11).


     Southwest quarter

     Ammoron had departed out of the land of Zarahemla and

        had marched forth against the Nephites on the borders

        by the west sea. (52:12-14)




     SW--> SOUTH--> SE--> NE


27th      in the twenty and seventh year (Alma 52:15)

     (Note* it does not say "in the commencement of")

     Moroni had established armies to protect the south and

        the west borders of the land (52:15)

     Moroni had begun his march towards the land Bountiful

        to Teancum (52:15)

     Teancum receives orders to attack (52:16-17)

        Teancum decides not to





Year      Explanation


27th      in the second month of this year (Alma 56:27)


     Southwest quarter

     Helaman receives supplies from people of Ammon


     Helaman receives 2000 men from land of Zarahemla

     Antipus and Helaman decide on a strategy to stop

        Lamanites from cutting off supply lines (56:29-41)

     in the morning of the third day of the seventh month

        (Alma 56:42)

     By strategy Helaman and Antipus defeat Lamanites

        outside of Antiparah (56:43-56)

     Helaman sends Lamanite prisoners towards the land of

        Zarahemla with part of Antipus' men (56:57)

        Helaman joins remaining men of Antipus to 2000

     Ammoron writes and offers the city of Antiparah in

        exchange for Lamanite prisoners (57:1)

     Helaman sends an epistle of refusal to Ammoron

        declaring the Nephite advantage (57:2)

     Helaman offers to exchange Lamanite prisoners for

        Nephite prisoners (57:2)

     Ammoron refuses (57:2)

     Helaman makes preparations to go against the city of

        Antiparah (57:3)

     Lamanites flee (57:2-5)

     Lamanites fortify other nearby Lamanite cities (57:4)

     Nephites take possession of the city of Antiparah (57:4)

       (Note* The Nephites' orders were to defend and not

        attack at this time)


???      (Note* Helaman does not make any mention of the

        commencement of the 28th year)


     And thus ended the twenty and eighth year (57:5)





Year      Explanation


     Northeast quarter

     Moroni arrives at Bountiful (Alma 52:18)

     the latter end of the twenty and seventh year(52:18)


28th      the commencement of the twenty and eighth year

        (Alma 52:19)

     Moroni and Teancum send invitation to fight to Jacob,

        Zoramite leader at Mulek. (52:19-20)

           He refuses

     Moroni, Teancum, and Lehi take city of Mulek (52:21-40)

     Mulek was one of the strongest holds of the Lamanites

        in the land of Nephi (53:6)

     Bountiful fortified, prisoners taken to Bountiful (53:1-7)

     Moroni did no more attempt a battle with the Lamanites



***      Mormon summarizes the situation to date of the two

        major battle fronts:

        Mormon declares a major victory in the eastern front


        Mormon inserts a brief explanation of the war on the

           west sea (western) front. (53:10-22)



28th      thus ended the twenty and eighth year (Alma 53:23)








Year      Explanation


29th      commencement of the twenty and ninth year (57:6)

     Southwest quarter

     Helaman receives provisions and 6000 men from land of

        Zarahemla and land round about plus 60 more

        Ammonite warriors (57:6)

     Helaman attacks the city of Cumeni (57:7-16)

     Accumulated Lamanite prisoners sent to land of


     Escort of Lamanite prisoners return the next day (57:17)

     Lamanites reinforcements attack at Cumeni

     2000 warriors stand firm, Lamanites driven to Manti


     None of 2000 lost

     Gid, leader of escort, recounts their plight (57:28-36)

     Helaman plans to take Manti but Lamanites still much too

        numerous (58:1-2)

     Helaman sends "an embassy" to the governor to ask for

     more troops and provisions (58:3-4)

     Helaman waits many months -- about to perish (58:5-7)

     Helaman receives supplies guarded by 2000 men (58:8)

     Helaman laments and fears (58:9-13)

     Warriors pray, receive an answer, attack Manti

     Helaman, Gid,and Teomner take Manti (58:14-29)

     the twenty and ninth year, in the latter end (58:38)

     Lamanites flee out of that "quarter of the land", However,

        Helaman is still fearful that his few men cannot hold

        what they have taken from the Lamanites (58:30-41)


     (End of Helaman's Epistle)





Year      Explanation


29th      in the twenty and ninth year (Alma 54:1)

     (Note* It does not say "in the commencement of")

     Southeast quarter

     Ammoron asks for prisoner exchange (54:1-24)

     Moroni refuses exchange (55:1-2)

     Moroni takes Gid, liberates Nephites, fortifies (55:3-27)

        Sends prisoners to Bountiful

     Moroni prepares to take Morianton (55:28-35)

     thus ended the twenty and ninth year (Alma 55:35)


30th      in the commencement of the thirtieth year . . . on the

        second day in the first month (Alma 56:1)

30th      **** in the thirtieth year**** (Alma 59:1)


     Southeast quarter

     Moroni receives epistle from Helaman stating the affairs

        of people in "that quarter of the land" (Alma 56:1)

     ****Moroni receives Helaman's letter**** (Alma 59:1)

     Moroni immediately sends a letter to Pahoran asking that

       he send more men to Helaman (59:2-3)

     Moroni hears that Nephihah has fallen (59:4-13)

     Lamanites that fled from Manti helped in it's defeat

     Moroni becomes angry at Pahoran

     Moroni sends a second letter to Pahoran (60:1-36)

        The letter chastises and threatens Pahoran



Year      Explanation


(30th)      Central land of Zarahemla

     Pahoran's reply: He has been driven out to Gideon, he

        appeals to Moroni for help (61:1-21)


     Central land of Zarahemla

     Moroni and Pahoran march to Zarahemla and defeat

        Pachus (62:7-11)


31st      in the commencement of the thirty and first year


     Moroni sends 6000 men and provisions to Helaman [SW]


     Moroni sends 6000 men & provisions to Lehi & Teancum

        [NE] (62:13)

     Moroni and Pahoran take a large body of men and leave

        towards Nephihah [SE] (62:14)





Year      Explanation


     Southeast quarter

     Moroni raises the standard of liberty--marches to Gideon



     Southeast quarter

     Moroni's armies drive the Lamanites (62:15-38)

        Nephihah retaken (62:20-25)

        Lehi retaken (62:30)

        Lamanites flee to city of Moroni (62:31-32)

        Lamanites encircled at Moroni (62:33-34)

        Ammoron is killed by Teancum but Teancum is killed


        Lamanites driven out of land (62:38)







34th      Moroni returns to the city of Zarahemla (Alma 62:42)

     Helaman returns to the place of his inheritance (62:42)

     Moroni yields command to his son Moronihah (62:43)

     Pahoran returns to the judgment-seat (62:44)

35th      Helaman dies (age ?) (62:48)


     Chronology of the Record of Shiblon



36th      Shiblon takes possession of the sascred things had by Helaman (63:1)

     Moroni dies (age ?) (63:3)

37th      5400 men with wives & children depart into land which was northward (63:4)

     Hagoth launches an exceedingly large ship (63:5)

     Many sail northward (63:6)

38th      Hagoth's first ship returns (63:7)

     Hagoth's ship sails again and does not return (63:7-8)

     One other ship sails - destination unknown (63:8)

     Many people go into land northward (63:9)


     Chronology of the Record of Helaman3



39th      Shiblon confers sacred items on Helaman (son of Helaman) (63:11)

     All records written & sent forth among people (63:12)

     Lamanites & dissenters come down against Moronihah (63:15)

     Lamanites & dissenters driven back to own lands (63:15)

     Shiblon ends his account (63:17)

     Shiblon dies (age ?) (63:10)




40th      Pahoran had died (Helaman 1:2)

     Sons of Pahoran contend for judgment-seat (1:2)

     Pahoran appointed by voice of people (1:5)

     Paanchi sends Kishkumen who murders Pahoran (1:7)

     Pacumeni appointed (1:13)

41st      Coriantumr leads Lamanites to battle against Nephites (1:15)

     Pacumeni flees & is killed--Zarahemla taken (1:21)

     Coriantumr marches towards Bountiful-thru most capital parts of land (1:23)

     Lehi heads Coriantumr--Coriantumr slain (1:29)

42nd      Helaman appointed to judgment-seat (2:2)

     Gadianton becomes leader of Kishkumen's band (2:4)

43rd      No contention (3:1)

44th      No contention (3:2)

45th      No contention (3:2)

46th      Much contention - many depart to land northward to large bodies of water (3:3-4)

47th      Great contention in the land (3:19)

48th      Great contention in the land (3:19)

49th      Continual peace - except for Gadianton band (3:23)

50th      Continual peace (3:32)

51st      Peace, pride begins to enter in (3:33)

52nd      Peace, exceeding reat pride (3:36)

53rd      Helaman dies (3:37)





     Chronology of the Record of Nephi3




53rd      Nephi begins to reign (3:37)

54th      Many dissensions in the church (4:1)

56th      Dissenters go up to the Lamanites (4:4)

57th      Lamanites come down to battle (4:5)

58th      Lamanites gain all lands to Bountiful (4:5)

59th      Nephites fortify line ("a days journey") (4:7)

60th      Moronihah reclaims many parts of the land (4:9)

61st      Nephites reclaim half of possessions (4:10)

62nd      Nephi delivers up judgment-seat to Cezoram (5:1)

     The laws had become corrupted (5:2)

     Nephi & Lehi start to preach at Bountiful, move to land southward (5:16)

     8000 Lamanites baptized (5:19)

     Nephi & Lehi cast into prison at Lehi-Nephi (5:21)

     They are encircled by fire - angels come down (5:45)

     More part of Lamanites converted (5:50)

63-64th      Peace - Lamanites & Nephites travel freely (6:7)

     Land south called Lehi - Land north called Mulek (6:10)

65th      Great peace & joy (6:14)

66th      Cezoram is murdered (by Gadianton band) (6:15,19)

     Cezoram's son appointed by people (6:15)

     Cezoram's son is murdered on judgment seat (6:15)

67th      People begin to grow wicked - Gadianton band active (6:16)

68th      People grow in iniquity (6:33)

69-71st      Nephi returns from the land northward (they had rejected his message) (7:1-3)

     Nephi prays on garden tower (7:10)

     Nephi prophesies the murder of chief judge Seezoram (8:27, 9:23)

     Seantum, brother of Seezoram confesses (9:37)

72nd      Wars throughout the land (11:1)

73rd      Wars throughout the land (11:2)

     Famine upon all the land (11:5)

74th      Famine becomes sore, war ceases (11:5)

75th      Famine - earth is dry (11:6)

     Band of Gadianton is swept away (11:10)

76th      Rain falls (11:17)

     Peace (11:21)

77th      More part of people belong to church (11:21)

78th      Peace (11:22)

79th      Much strife but it is ended by Lehi & Nephi (11:23)

80th      Dissenters from a secret band (11:24)

81st      Robbers (exceeding numerous) prevail in the wilderness (11:31)

     Robbers defy whole armies of Nephites & Lamanites (11:32)

82nd      Nephites begin to forget the Lord (11:36)

83rd      Nephites begin to wax strong in iniquity (11:36)

84th      Nephites wax strong in iniquity (11:36)

85th      Nephites wax stronger in iniquity (11:37)








     Prophecy of Samuel, the Lamanite

86th      Lamanites keep law of Moses (Helaman 13:1)

     Samuel the Lamanite prophesies (13:2)

     Five more years cometh . . . then cometh the Son of God (14:2)

     In the night before he cometh . . . no darkness (14:3)

     Signs of Christ's death:

           No light for 3 days (14:20)

           Earthquakes, lightning, thunder for many hours (14:21)

     Samuel flees, never to be seen again (16:7-8)


87th      Nephites remain in their pride and wickedness (16:10)

88th      Nephites remain in their pride and wickedness (16:11)

89th      Nephites more hardened in iniquity (16:12)

90th      Great signs & wonders given to the people (16:13)

     End of Book of Helaman (the record of Helaman & his sons) (16:25)




     Chronology of the Record of Nephi3



92nd      The ninety and first year had passed away (1:1)

     It was six hundred years from the time that Lehi left Jerusalem (1:1)

     Lachoneus is the chief judge and the governor over the land (1:1)

     Nephi had departed out of the land (1:2)

     Nephi's son Nephi has charge of the sacred records. (1:2)

     in the commencement of the ninety and second year the prohecies begin to be fulfilled (1:4)

     there was a day set apart by unbelievers for the sign - otherwise death to believers (1:9)

     at the going down of the sun there was no darkness (1:15)

     a new star did appear (1:21)

     the ninety and second year did pass away (1:26)

93rd      Peace, except for the Gadianton robbers who dwelt upon the mountains (wilderness = mountains?) (1:27)

94th      Gadianton band increase in number because of Nephite dissenters & Zoramite led Lamanites (1:29)

95th      Gadianton band increases (2:1)

96th      People begin to forget signs (2:1)

97th      People begin to forget signs (2:4)

98th      People begin to forget signs (2:4)

99th      People begin to forget signs (2:4)

100th      Six hundred and nine years had passed away since Lehi left Jerusalem (2:6)

     Nine years had passed away from the time when the sing was given (2:7)

     Nephites begin to reckon their time from the sign (2:8)

10 A.S.      Therefore, nine years had passed away (2:8)

     Nephi, the father of Nephi did not return (2:9)

11 A.S.      Spent in iniquity (2:10)

13 A.S.      Wars and contentions throughout all the land against Gadianton band (2:11)

     Lamanites unite with Nephites - Curse taken away (2:12-15)

14 A.S.      The war becomes exceedingly sore (2:17)

15 A.S.      The Gadianton robbers gain advantages (2:18)

16 A.S.      Lachoneus (governor of the land) receives an epistle from the Gadianton leader (Giddianhi) (3:1)

     Lachoneus appoints Gidgiddoni as chiefest captain of the Nephite armies (3:18)

17 A.S.      By proclamation, Nephites gather to the land of Zarahemla, and the land between Zarahemla & Bountiful (3:23)

18 A.S.      Gadianton robbers take possession of vacated lands on north & south (4:1)

     Nephites had reserved provisions for 7 years (4:4)







19 A.S.      Giddianhi comes up to battle in the sixth month (4:7)

     Nephites beat them - Giddianhi is slain (4:14)

20 A.S.      Robbers do not come to battle (4:15)

21-25AS      obbers lay siege around people of Nephi (4:16)

     New robber leader is Zemnarihah (4:17)

     No wild game - Nephites slay thousands & tens of thousands (4:21)

     Zemnarihah tries to withdraw to the furthermost parts of the land northward (4:23)

     Gidgiddoni cuts them off - Zemnarihah hanged on a tree (4:28)

26 A.S.      Nephites return to their own lands (6:2)

     People begin to prosper (6:4)

27 A.S.      There is great order in the land (cities rebuilt, highways & roads built) (6:4-8)

28 A.S.      Continual peace (6:9)

29 A.S.      People begin to be distinguished by ranks- according to riches & learning (6:12)

     Church begins to be broken up (6:14)

30 A.S.      The Church is broken up in all the land except for a few Lamanites (6:14)

     Lachoneus, son of Lachoneus is chief judge & governor (6:19)

     Lawyers & judges unite to destroy governor & establish a king (6:30)

     They murder Lachoneus (7:1)

     People separate into tribes - government is destroyed (7:2)

     Jacob becomes the head (king) of the secret combinations (7:9)

     Jacob & his people go to the northernmost part of the land (7:12)

31 A.S.      Remaining tribes agree not to go to war with one another (7:14)

     Nephi (ministered to by angels daily) goes forth in power among the people (7:15-18)

           He raises his brother from the dead (7:19)

32 A.S.            Few converted to the Lord (7:21)

33 A.S.            Preaches repentance and baptism - Many are baptized (7:23-26)

34 A.S.      in the thirty and fourth year, in the first month, on the fourth day of the month (8:5)

     a great storm, terrible tempest, terrible thunder, sharp lightnings (8:5-7)

     Many great cities sunk, many burned, many shaken (8:8-15)

     All these terrible things were done in about the space of three hours (8:19)j

     Darkness did last for the space of three days - no light seen (8:23)

     Christ speaks from heavens - no more sacrifices & burnt offerings (9:19)

     There is silence for the space of many hours (10:1,2)

     Christ speaks again - promises to gather his people (10: 3-8)

     Thus did the three days pass away and it was in the morning, and the darkness dispersed (10:9)

     In the ending of the thirty and fourth year, behold (Mormon) will show that people had great blessings (10:18)

     Soon after the ascension of Christ into heaven he did manifest himself unto them (10:18)