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 This sin was so serious that the chief participants in the act were executed by the sons of Levi, and the Lord brought a plague upon the remainder of the people (see (Exodus 32:25-35; see also JST Exodus 32:14). The Lord even refused, in his anger, to allow Moses to see his face when they met together (see JST Exodus 33:18-23). The Lord threatened to destroy the entire antion except for Moses and commanded the Israelites to remove their "ornaments" (Exodus 33:4-6). The Septuagint (or ancient Greek version of the Old Testament) adds that the Israelites had on "robes of . . . glory" and they were required to remove them also (Curtis Vaughan, ed., Twenty-Six Translations of the Bible [Chattanooga, Tennessee: AMG Publishers, 1985], 1:295).