Step by Step Through the Book of Mormon

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by Dan Tyrrel




Step by Step Through the Book of Mormon is a compilation of research information pertaining to Mesoamerica/Book of Mormon relationships. 

The scientific research covers such areas as geography, archaeology, linguistics, ancient history, geology, customs, traditions and many other cultural aspects. 

Priceless gems of knowledge have been extracted and summarized from hundreds of research articles by scholars of Book of Mormon culture.. 

Along side the Commentary is the full text of the Book of Mormon. Every cultural word, phrase or verse in the Book of Mormon is highlighted and linked to corresponding commentary and visa versa.. 

There are Approx.2752 pages in the Cultural Commentary. Approx.740 pages in the Covenant Story commentary..Approx.1092 Bibliographic citations.Approx162 authors cited in Volume 1. Approx.301 authors cited in all. 

Indexes are linked to their content.